$30.00 per credit unit

Cost per unit for part-time students

1-11 units per semester

$30.00 per credit unit

Cost per unit for full-time students

12-17 units per semester

Total Semester Cost $600 (charged only for 16 units)

Payment Plan Available

$120.00 Mandatory Student Fees

Students also must pay two mandatory fees. Computer and Technology (general use) $100.00 & Student representative fee $20.00

Full-time Total Cost per Semester

Tuition $480 (16-17 units)

Technology Fee $100.00

Student Representative Fee $20.00 

Books $150.00 est. 

Total =$600 (without books)

Payment Plan for Full-Time

Requirement: Student must take at least 16 units per semester to qualify for a payment plan (covers tuition expenses for up 17 units). In addition, students must complete a promissory note to participate in the payment plan. A 5% percent interest is added to the account. 

1st Payment -  $150 (Due Week 1)

2nd Payment - $150 (Due Week 4)

3rd Payment - $150 (Due Week 8)

4rd Payment - $150 (Due Week 10)

Other Fees

Studies for Latin America, Africa and Asia

  • $20.00 per course (Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, and Asia) (Students must provide proof of residence/Charge by course and not by unit). Students in Latina America, Africa or Asia pay a reduce technology fee of $50.00 per semester. 

Cost per unit for audit courses - $50.00 USA

High School Juniors and Seniors - $10.00 per unit (maximum of 6 units) USA

Admissions Application Fee $45.00 (All) 

Transcripts  $12.00 (USA)


How is cost per unit calculated?

The majority of courses at Harbor Genesis Christian College are three units. There are a few courses that are one unit. Other courses are four units. A three unit course will cost $90, because $30 per unit times three units is $90.

A one unit course will cost $30.00 and a four unit course will cost $120.00 since its $30 (per unit) times four units