Our Team & Leadership

Jeffry H. Caballero A.A. - Los Angeles Harbor College B.A. - University of California Los Angeles M.R.E. - West Coast Baptist College Thomas Jefferson School of Law caballjh@harborgenesiscc.org
Mitzi Marquez B.A. - University of California Los Angeles UCLA School of Law marquezm@harborgenesiscc.org
Dean of Academics
Monica Quezada B.A. - Cal State University Northridge  M.Ed. - Loyola Marymount University monica_quezada@harborgenesiscc.org  
Registrar & Secretary
Abraham Jared Caballero Los Angeles Harbor College caballa@harborgenesiscc.org
Director of Academic & Spiritual Advising
Pastor Herasdo Perez B.A. - Hispanic Center for Theological Studies (CHET) Certificate in Christian Counseling - HCTS perezh@harborgenesiscc.org
Director of Finances
Mckenna T. Clark. Education: Liberty University clarkm@harborgenesiscc.org
Board of Directors

Pres. Jeffry H. Caballero

VP. Mitzy Marquez

D. Monica Quezada

R. Abraham Jared Caballero

D. Norma H. Murillo (student trustee) 

Mckenna T. Clark

P. Herasdo Perez


We are committed to providing a superb balanced Christian education that will enable students to draw closer to God, think critically, lead, teach, defend the Christian faith, and work in a professional field or the ministry with excellence.